A pure cryptocurrency asset class.

No Taxes.

No Presales.

No Team Wallets.

100% Stealth Launches.

100+ Year Liquidity Locks.

Contracts Renounced at Launch.

It’s your skills and the Market. Period.

The Mission:

Everyone in crypto wants to make money and improve their financial independence. That’s your mission.

Eliminate the Noise:

ProTrade creates pure cryptocurrency assets on leading blockchains designed to work for us and not against us. We have eliminated the noise that adds emotions into financial decisions where emotions should not exist. Rely on your trading skills and technical analysis to capitalize on fair market trading. There’s no reason to complicate it.

Unacceptable Practices:

Most cryptocurrency “projects” have completely abandoned a decentralized, distributed, and anonymous marketplace. They forecast unattainable technical goals and utilize sly marketing campaigns to lure money into team wallets. They expose investors to more risk, more speculation, and less reward. These practices are unacceptable, and ProTrade is building a cryptocurrency class of alternative trading assets.

It’s Personal.

Are you sick of getting scammed on the barrage of rugpulls and honeypots? Are you looking for an investment that isn’t tied to a project team’s performance? Are you tired of the childish and emotion-driven games being played on social media sites that have a direct impact on your money? If you answered “Yes” to any of these, then you might consider checking out the ProTrade family of cryptocurrency assets. Take control of your financial future. That responsibility falls only on you.

~ Launched Assets~

ProTEthX, ERC20 token on Uniswap with 20M total supply.

Tokens with the identical symbols/names launched on other blockchains are NOT related. All official ProTrade assets will be listed in the above list and are fully documented on this website.


ProTEthX ERC20 Contract Address


Symbol and Name: ProTEthX


Deployer Wallet made the first buy (8.5M Tokens) which were sent to the Dead wallet (Deployer Wallet link) and then the contract was renounced.

Token Features

Buy on Uniswap
Locked LP on TrustSwap
CoinGecko Coming Soon

Coin Market Cap Coming Soon